Join us as we travel to the central Italian regions of Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo for the week of May 14th - 18th!



Marche is a wealth of architecture and recipes dating back to Medieval times and beyond. On the coast, fish and seafood dishes abound. In the hills, chicken and pork are the primary proteins. Creamy sauces made from chicken giblets are common in Marche food culture. Pork recipes rely on generous chunks instead of the traditional thin prosciutto, and since pork is readily available, there are many type of sausages made here.



It’s small, the only Italian region without a coastline or international border and covered in dense forest and hilly terrain. Umbria has a reputation for producing some incredible cured meats and its forests are home to an incredible number of truffles, which are grated over pretty much everything. Without a coastline, Lake Trasimeno provides plenty of freshwater fish: perch, eel, carp, pike, tench and smelt are caught and simply cooked over fire or turned into stews. Castelluccio valley is home to what many chefs regard as the best lentils in the world – Castelluccio di Norcia.



Just an hour and a half northeast of Rome, in the lightly touristed, barely touched region of Abruzzo, modern-day shepherds follow ancient roads, winemakers prefer unheralded grapes, and feasting is at the center of everyday life. Abruzzo cuisine is uniquely Italian. Being isolated in the center of the country, the region over history has had little influence from foreign invaders. Staples of Abruzzo cuisine include bread, pasta, meat, cheese, & wine - all our favorites!



MAY 14 - MAY 18 ONLY! Now offering regional specials just 1 week each month

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