Join us as we travel to the region of Emilia-Romagna for the week of March 5th - 9th!


The environment

With a diverse geography, this region lies about an hour north of Florence and two hours southwest of Venice. The diverse landscape contains plains, gentle rolling hills, and countryside with the extremely rich and fertile Po River valley yielding exceptional wheat, incomparable butter and cream, cheese, veal and pork from animals that graze this verdant land. Interestingly, more wheat is grown here to make a soft wheat flour, making it the motherland for the highest quality homemade pasta in Italy. The rugged mountain ranges of the Appennines and hillsides offer the cooler temperatures for hundreds of cured meats, and along the coastline of the Adriatic, seafood is frequently served, being one of the top fish producing areas in Italy. Interior wetlands are famed for feathered game, fresh water fish, and rice.



We are in Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy this week, affectionately known as the legendary “bread basket” of Italy! Home to capital Bologna and Modena (home of balsamic vinegar), this region is considered by many to be the gastronomical and culinary heart of Italy. Emilia-Romagna boasts as being the source for many of the vital, staple ingredients that Italian cuisine is noteworthy of: Prosciutto di Parma, Aceto Balsamico, Parmigianno-Regiano, and an enormous variety of fresh, hand-made, stuffed pastas - perfect for and Ada’s-featured region!


March 5 - march 9 ONLY! Now offering regional specials just 1 week each month

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